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3 Days Self Drive Jeep Adventure Beyond Siem Reap

Venture Beyond Siem Reap’s Tourist Trails: A 3 days Self-Drive Jeep Adventure beyond Siem Reap

If you’re seeking an escape from the well-trodden tourist paths and crave a deeper immersion into the wonders surrounding Siem Reap, then our self-drive jeep adventure is the perfect choice for you. Embark on an unforgettable 3-day journey that unveils hidden gems and captivating experiences.

Highlights of Your Adventure:
Koh Ker Temple: Discover the grandeur of Koh Ker, a UNESCO World Heritage site that remains largely untouched by mass tourism. Explore its majestic temples and immerse yourself in the rich history of this ancient Khmer capital.

Phnom Kulen National Park: Ascend to the sacred heights of Phnom Kulen, one of Cambodia’s most revered mountains. Explore its serene temples, cascading waterfalls, and lush landscapes, all steeped in spiritual significance.

Kampong Khleang Floating Village: Delve into the heart of Kampong Khleang, the largest floating village in Southeast Asia. Witness the unique lifestyle of the local communities, navigate the intricate waterways, and gain a deeper understanding of Cambodia’s rural traditions.

Your Journey with Peace of Mind:
To ensure a worry-free and enriching experience, our adventure includes: Expert Guidance: An experienced English-speaking guide will accompany you throughout the journey, sharing insights into the history, culture, and natural wonders of the region. Mechanical Support: A professional mechanic in a support vehicle will be on hand to address any mechanical issues that may arise, ensuring your smooth and uninterrupted adventure.
Our self-drive jeep adventure is designed for those who seek authentic experiences and the freedom to explore at their own pace. With our knowledgeable guide and reliable mechanical support, you can confidently venture beyond the beaten path and discover the true essence of Cambodia.

Embark on this unforgettable journey and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Day 1: Hidden gems of Cambodia

After a good breakfast we leave Siem Reap and drive into the Cambodian ‘outback’ to the mysterious 12th century temple of Beng Melea, one of Cambodia’s true hidden gems. Heavily overrun by trees, vines and moss, Beng Melea gives you a truly evocative insight into the majesty of the ancient temples. After lunch you will drive Koh Ker. It is a stunning and unique pyramidal temple built in 931AD.

Walking in you could almost feel you were approaching a Central American Mayan sight such as Chichen Itza. Koh Ker also has a unique political history having been set up as a ‘new’ capital away from the Angkor area by Jayavarman IV. However, its importance was short lived; after the King’s death power was returned to the Angkor area around 944 AD. A tiring climb up wooden steps to the top of the Pyramid will soon be forgotten when you take into account the breath-taking views afforded from the summit.

Kampong Kdei bidge
Sambor Prei kuk

Day 2: Phnom Kulen – The sacred mountain.

We continue our way to Phnom Koulen. This mountain is one of the most scenic and historically significant locations in the area. Phnom Koulen is considered a sacred mountain in Cambodia, of special religious significance to Hindus and Buddhists who come to the mountain in pilgrimage. Your visit will conclude with one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Cambodia. At the base of the falls is a large pool where we can go for a refreshing swim. We continue our way and drive downhill and later we will pass small villages. Tonight we stay at Bong Thom Forest lodge.

Sambor Prei kuk
Siem Reap - Phnom Penh

Day 3: The floating village of Kampong Kleang

We leave our accommodation again with our vintage jeep and set out to the beautiful countryside where we will cycle along the red soil roads through the villages. It is going to be a nice and peaceful ride which is flat all throughout. We will stop by the local fish market on the way where you can observe traditional Khmer fish trade, a daily event. After cycling, we take a small break for some cool refreshment before continuing on to the next part of the trip. We then resume our journey with the visit of one of the most impressive floating villages in Cambodia, Kampong Kleang.

When we arrive at the village, we will board a boat and head out in exploration of the floating village. At lunch time, we will take you to a stilt house in the village to share a typical Khmer lunch with very friendly locals. Next, we proceed to the Vietnamese floating village. This village is unlike the rest of Kampong Kleang. The Vietnamese Village is not composed of stilt houses. The houses there are built on floating objects that keeps them afloat on the Tonlé Sap. Your host family will provide a local meal and you will have the chance to experience more of this exceptional village on stilts. In the late afternoon we are back in Siem Reap.

self drive Cambodia
Kampong Khleang


3 days Siem Reap Beyond self drive jeep tour includes:

  • 3x Lunch, 2x breakfast
  • Bottle of water – Refill – snackbox
  • 3 days Vintage jeep with petrol
  • 3 days English-speaking Tour Guide
  • 3 days Support car with mechanic and spare parts
  • Entrance fee: Kampong Kleang, Phnom Kulen, Koh ker, Beng Mealea temple
  • Boat tour Kampong Kleang
  • Bicycle tour Bakong
  • 2 nights Accommodation


  • Drinks and personal expenses
  • Dinner
  • Gratitude guide and mechanic

If you require more information about this 3 days Self drive jeep adventure Beyond Siem Reap , please contact us.

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