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Cambodiajeep Joins Torch Relay for the 32th SEA Games

Cambodiajeep Joins Torch Relay for SEA Games and Para Games 2023 in Siem Reap

The 32nd SEA Games and the 12th ASEAN Para Games are scheduled for May 5-17, 2023, and June 3-9, 2023, respectively. As part of the buildup to these important events, a torch relay across Cambodia’s various provinces has been organized. Cambodiajeep, a renowned provider of exciting jeep tours in Cambodia, is pleased to announce its involvement in the torch relay, which will run from Banteay Meanchey to Stoung, Siem Reap. The torch parade is an important part of major sporting events such as the Olympics and the Southeast Asian Games.

Cambodia will host the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games for the first time in 64 years, expressing confidence that the this event would give a boost to the tourism industry in the post-COVID-19 pandemic era.


As anticipation builds for the SEA Games and Para Games, the torch relay serves as a symbolic journey that ignites the spirit of the event. The relay, representing unity, harmony, and passion, covers numerous provinces in Cambodia, including Siem Reap. Cambodiajeep is delighted to have the opportunity to be part of this momentous occasion.

Cambodiajeep’s torch relay part begins in the scenic town of Banteay Meanchey. From here, CambodiaJeep proudly carries the torch on an exciting journey to Stoung, adding to the heritage of the SEA Games and Para Games.  Stops were made in the towns and the procession was welcomed by the local delegation in each town. Spectators had the chance to take photos with the torch. This was, of course, exuberantly taken advantage of.

We witnessed the participation of various organizations, each contributing their own unique flair. Alongside CambodiaJeep, motorcycle clubs from across the country, the cycling club of Siem Reap, and the Defender club of Cambodia joined the relay. The gathering of passionate individuals, all striving to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship, created an atmosphere of excitement and unity.

In addition to the diverse range of participants, the torch relay also showcased the charm of vintage vehicles. Not only did Cambodiajeep represent the thrill of off-roading adventures, but numerous jeep owners in Siem Reap also accompanied the torch relay in their own vintage cars. The Vimean Sokha Vintage Museum further enriched the event by bringing a stunning vintage motorcycle with a sidecar, adding a touch of nostalgia to the entire experience.

Cambodiajeep wishes all athletes competing in the SEA Games and Para Games in Cambodia the best of luck. Cambodiajeep, as a sports lover, believes in the ability of sports to foster peace, harmony, and a spirit of friendship.

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The Jeep MUTT 151 A2 was an indispensable vehicle during its army days for exactly this reason, but after the war, few were still used and many just began rusting away. With a lot of love and patience we have restored some of these jeeps and they are now indispensable vehicles for amazing adventure tours in Cambodia and Vietnam.

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