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Family Jeep Tours

Cambodia is an exciting g destination for families with lots of things to see and do. One way that would certainly be remembered for long is a Jeep Tour through Cambodia’s countryside. This is not just any jeep tour but a Jeep Tour driven in an American A2 military jeep that dates back to the Vietnam War period. Such a jeep accommodates 4 people easily. The jeep has a rooftop but no windows allowing direct contact with the outside.

A jeep tour is a perfect outing for a family that requires a convenient and fun adventure that goes off road visiting villages and temples tucked away in the remote areas of Cambodia. A backup car follows you and carries your luggage, a technician and spare parts. Also an English speaking tour leader accompanies you to translate things on the way and show you the way. Unique to this tour is that you have the possibility to drive the jeep yourself (provided you have your driver’s license and international license with you.

The family tours are designed keeping in mind that children require freedom to explore the surroundings in a fun and educative way. Many stops are made on the way to see farmers work their land, visit remote temples and meet with local families and visit local schools. At the end of the day, whenever possible, we check you in at a hotel that has all facilities to make the kids feel comfortable such as swimming pool, restaurant and a garden.

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