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The 12th astonishing Giant Puppet Parade in Siem Reap

The Giant Puppet Parade in Siem Reap

The Giant Puppet Parade in Siem Reap, Cambodia is an annual event that has been running for 12 years now. It is a community art project that brings together students, performers, and volunteers to create larger-than-life puppets that are paraded through the streets of Siem Reap.

This year, on the 11th of March 2023, the event was once again a huge success, and it was made even better with the contribution of the sponsors such as Janet & Allen Johnson, Rural Schools Support Organization (RSSO), Wildlife Conservation Society, Urban Living Solutions (ULS), The Heritage Walk, Centre for Khmer Studies, Pactics, Shinta Mani Angkor, Jaya House, Phare Ponleu Selpak Siem Reap, Baahu Villa, and The ECO Residence.

This year’s Giant Puppet Parade centered around the concept of “Brave Khmer” or “Khmer Klahahnn”. On March 11, at 6:30 p.m, the parade started outside Wat Damnak Pagoda and continued down the street in front of the Royal Garden. The large crowds applauded the children, musicians, and performers who lit up the night.

Giant Puppet Parade in Siem Reap Map

This is our second year that we have decided to join the astonishing Giant Puppet Parade and help out in any way we could. We provided jeeps to carry water for everyone involved in the parade, and we were happy to be a part of such a wonderful community event.

giant puppet parade Siem Reap

Joining the Giant Puppet Parade in Siem Reap was not just about providing logistical support, but it was also a way for us to give back to the community and support more than 450 children who were involved in the project. We were proud to be a member of the Giant Puppet Project family and was delighted to see so many people cheering us on as we drove along the parade route.

giant puppet parade Siem Reap

The success of the Giant Puppet Parade in Siem Reap is due to the hard work and dedication of the students, performers, and volunteers who come together every year to create this amazing event. However, the project also relies on the support of sponsors and community members to keep it going. Cambodiajeep’s contribution this year is a great example of how local businesses can support community events and help them grow even bigger in the future.

giant puppet parade Siem Reap

As we look ahead to next year’s event, we hope that even more people will come out to support the Giant Puppet Parade. Tourists visiting Siem Reap should definitely make it a priority to attend the parade and witness the incredible creativity and artistry on display. We also hope that more sponsors will step forward to support the project and help it continue to grow.
In conclusion, the 12th year of the Giant Puppet Parade in Siem Reap was a resounding success, and the involvement of Cambodiajeep made it even more special. We can’t wait to see what the organizers have in store for us next year on February 24, 2024 (The date has already been set), and we encourage everyone to come out and be a part of this amazing community event.

giant puppet parade Siem Reap
giant puppet parade Siem ReapWatch our video of the Giant Puppet parade on youtube here

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We have always been passionate about vintage jeeps and love to keep the icon from the Vietnam and Cambodia war alive. They also provide the perfect way to explore the roads less traveled.

The Jeep MUTT 151 A2 was an indispensable vehicle during its army days for exactly this reason, but after the war, few were still used and many just began rusting away. With a lot of love and patience we have restored some of these jeeps and they are now indispensable vehicles for amazing adventure tours in Cambodia and Vietnam.

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