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Rent a vintage jeep ( Includes a vintage jeep + driver)

If you want to book only a jeep with driver, we can offer you the following price:
Max. 3 paxs in 1 jeep. Price in US dollar per jeep.

***Tour start before 07:00am, considered as Sunrise, the extra charge will be: $15 per jeep.
***Tour end after 6:30pm, considered as Sunset, the extra charge will be: $15 per jeep.
Family is available = 01 jeep only

Call us for a quote to other destinations. doesn’t rent jeeps without a driver!

* Prices increase during the following holidays. Pchum Ben,  Waterfestival, Khmer New Year, Chinese New Year.  Ask us for a quote during festivals and holidays.

One way transfer to airport $55
Angkor Wat, small circuit $80
Angkor Wat, grand circuit $90


Half day countryside just drive and have fun $75
Full day countryside forest/villages and more $95
Countryside Pouk + Westbaray $80
City tour + Chreav countryside $75


Bakheng temple only from 16:00 till sunset $65
Chong Kneas and Phom Krom till sunset $85
West Baray Countryside + Pouk till sunset $95
Tomnub 70 + Phnom Krom area till sunset $95
Countryside + Phnom Krom till sunset $85

Floating village

Chong Kneas + countryside + Phnom Krom $85
Kampong Plouk + Countryside $90
Kampong Kleang + countryside $105

Roulous Group Temples

Rolous group (Lolei temple, Preah Kor, Bakong) $75
Rolous group + Kampong Plouk $90
Rolous group + countryside + Kampong Kleang $105
Rolous group + Countryside $85
Rolous group + Angkor small tour $95
Rolous group + Angkor Grand tour $105
Rolous group + land mine museum + Bantey Srey $110

Bantey Srey temple

Bantey Srey temple $99
Bantey Srey temple + Ankgkor Small circuit $105
Bantey Srey temple + Angkor Grand tour $120
Bantey Srey temple + Kampong Kleang $135
Bantey Srey temple + Beng Mealea $135
Bantey Srey temple + Kbal Spean $115

Beng Mealea

Beng Mealea temple $115
Beng Mealea temple + Poeung Kamnou + countryside $145
Beng Mealea + Kampong Plouk $130
Beng Mealea + Bantey Ampil temple + countryside $125
Beng Mealea + kampong Kleang $135
Beng Mealea + Phnom Kulen national park (Preah Ang Thom, River thousand lingers, Waterfall and valley watch) $150
Beng Mealea + Koh Ker temples $170
Beng Mealea + Kulen Elephant forest $128
Mysterious temples (visit less known temples and hidden site in the forest) $125
Phnom Koulen $125
Kulen Elephant Forest $115
Koh Ker temples $165
Additional charge for Family jeep to every route $45

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