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We are | a Passionate Team of Vintage Jeep Lovers.

Let us introduce ourselves. Who are we and why do we organise jeep tours in Cambodia and Vietnam.

We have always been passionate about vintage jeeps and love to keep the icon from the Vietnam and Cambodia war alive. They also provide the perfect way to explore the roads less traveled.

The Jeep MUTT 151 A2 was an indispensable vehicle during its army days for exactly this reason, but after the war, few were still used and many just began rusting away. With a lot of love and patience we have restored some of these jeeps and they are now indispensable vehicles for amazing adventure tours in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Our home base is in the beautiful colonial temple town of Siem Reap. From here we organise many exclusive day tours with our vintage jeeps. Just outside the city is the world’s largest temple complex, and UNESCO world heritage site, Angkor Wat. Naturally, we can provide memorable day tours to the most famous temples like Angkor, Bayon and Ta Prohm, but we also specialise in tours that go off the beaten track to small unknown temples, where we can show you magical places many others do not get to see. Phnom kulen, Cambodia’s most important holy mountain is also within driving distance of Siem Reap, driving through some beautiful, natural scenery to get there. When you arrive you will visit one of Cambodia’s largest waterfalls as well as climbing up to see the sleeping buddha and strolling through the trees to take in the river with the 1,000 lingas.

Another not to miss experience is taking a jeep tour through the countryside to the floating villages. Here you will also have the wonderful experience of meeting the locals, some of the kindness and warm-hearted people you will ever meet. We can also arrange a tour by jeep to the elephant sanctuary of Kulen Forest where you will be able to interact with the  elephants and learn more from their handlers about these majestic animals. 

Furthermore, we are the pioneers of self-driving jeep tours through Cambodia. For the past 20 years, we have been touring across the country to discover new roads and destinations to include in the programme. As the jeep can take you to places where no buses with tourists can go, we strive to find the experiences you will never forget and truly get to know Cambodia at its best. These self drive tours can be done individually but also with a group of friends. They are also ideal for incentive tours for companies. Whether you just want a day tour, or a full 14 day itinerary to discover all of this beautiful country, we are there for you.

self drive jeep tours

We don’t just stop at Cambodia, as we work with our partner in Vietnam to offer cross-country tours between the two beautiful countries. In the past, we have driven for 14 days with 12 jeeps through Cambodia and Vietnam; it was such an epic experience. We are now working on including Laos in the programme and will then be the first jeep tour company to offer a 3-country self-drive programme. As you read, Cambodiajeep strives to offer its guests something new every time.

We have our own team of specialist mechanics who are passionate about working with our jeeps, and for the past few years we have had our own garage where we maintain our jeeps, ensuring they are in optimal condition for whatever adventure you choose! If you have your own jeep, we are also happy to repair or maintained it for you – just drop us a line.