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Welcome to the LOTOS RALLYE 2018

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We’ll take you on a unique journey to Southeast Asia.

Drive through Cambodia for 14 days with vintage jeeps and get to know the original landscape, the unique culture and the people of this impressive country.

The country of Cambodia

The Royal Kingdom of Cambodia is located on the Gulf of Thailand, surrounded by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Beautiful landscapes and impressive cultural monuments, such as Angkor Wat, UNESCO-World Cultural Heritage, make Cambodia an attractive destination, which is still treated as a secret tip. The average annual temperature amounts to 27°C.


The LOTOS RALLYE should not be ridden by speed, but it is about the experience of the wonderful landscape of Cambodia with its cultural and historical buildings. Tours of temples, local markets and other particularities are taken into account in the planning of the individual stages as well as of the routing.

Date of the event: 13th of January 2018 – 26th of January 2018


Start and finish of the LOTOS RALLYE is Siem Reap in northwestern Cambodia. The city is especially known for its proximity to the famous Angkor Wat temple complex.

More information about the routing, see the program of LOTOS RALLYE 2018.


It is driven with historical American military-jeeps from the 60’s. The original engines of the vehicles have been replaced by Toyota motors.

The oldtimer jeeps are provided by our partner Cambodian Travel Partner. There are possible driver teams (2 persons) as well as single drivers. A team of mechanics escorts the rallye and ensures the technical service.


Within the scope of the LOTOS RALLYE the nights are spent in selected hotels in the major cities of Cambodia. Also in the rural areas, the optimal accommodations on the route are awaiting you. When crossing the subtropical jungle, where the nearest hotel is too far away, there will be an overnight stay in a guest house. Here you can see how the locals live in the countryside of Cambodia.

Detailed information about the hotels during the event, refer to the program LOTUS RALLYE 2017.


As a participant of LOTOS RALLYE, you book the all-round carefree package. It includes all costs for:

  • all nights in selected hotels
  • all meals and complete catering during the rallye
  • complete set of event documents: road book, routing , rally signs, start numbers, etc.
  • entry fees and German-speaking guides in tours
  • 14 days old-timer jeeps, petrol costs, spare parts, service, repairs and vehicle insurance

Price: Check

The number of participants is limited to max. 12 vehicles. The minimum number of participants is 6 vehicles.

*We’ll arrange your flights to Cambodia, but these are not included in the services of the LOTUS RALLYE.


The LOTOS RALLYE is organized by the G.F. Media Marketing GmbH in cooperation with Cambodian Travel Partner. Co-organizer is the agency MediaDirect from Hamburg. The travel agency First JK Travel GmbH operates as handling-agent within the frame of the LOTOS RALLYE and organizes flights at the participants’ request.

The Hamburger agency G.F. Media Marketing organizes, among other, customer and press events in the Asian region as well as different events for external clients in Cambodia. CEO Günther Frauenkron, former rallye driver, is Southeast Asia’s expert and takes over the guidance of the organization and the rallye on site.

Partner in Cambodia is the company Cambodian Travel Partner. Together with his wife, Lily, the Dutch owner, André Ruys, has been organizing jeep tours through Cambodia among others for several years. Lily Lim Ruys is a native Cambodian and speaks the local language. Together with his wife, Andre Ruys will accompany the rally and take over the vice-leadership of the organization of the LOTUS RALLYE.


For questions or for more detailed information, please contact:

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